The hit Showtime TV series, Dexter, centers around a blood spatter analyst living a double life as a serial killer. Sounds amazing, and it was until the series culminated with what was deemed to be a rather disappointing finale in 2013. 

The show is back to redeem itself with a reboot in which Dexter gets a second chance at life. He takes up the alias of Jim Lindsay, a possible homage to the author of the novels on which the show is based, Jeff Lindsay.

As seen in the teaser released on Twitter back in April, Jim Lindsay gets back to “nature, his nature.” The character is reportedly set to leave Miami and head to rural New York where he works under his alias at a shop called Fred’s Fish and Game. 

A new town for Dexter means introducing new victims, as well. The Shawshank Redemption’s Clancy Brown is set to play this season’s antagonist, as the well-loved unofficial mayor of the town. Julia Jones of Westworld plays a pivotal role in the series as Angela Bishop, the town’s first Native American police chief who is sure to be on Dexter’s heels. 

Fans responded to the name change with excitement, and eagerly expressed their enthusiasm for an official Season 9 trailer.

As we reported, the ninth season of Dexter is expected to be released late this fall.

Will you be tuning in?