Devontée Goes On A Religious Quest In New "Bless" Video

Brynjar Chapman
June 28, 2018 12:26

Toronto's Devontée finds transcendence.

In his new video for the song "Bless," the Toronto rapper Devontée finds himself "own his own" "but blessed" as he raps his way through a church. With stained glass windows looming behind him, Devontée tells us about his journey to where he is now and how, if he doesn't keep going he'll end up living back with "the fam." After all the introspection he has a moment of transcendence in the church, where a candle blows out–as if by wind or some divine force–and the rapper levitates, arms christ-like, in front of the altar. The video ends with a significantly chiller version of Devontée, as he strolls through Toronto China Town, looking transcendent and feeling blessed. 

"Bless" is the first single from Devontées forthcoming album, Head Gone, which will be released sometime next month on WOE Records. Watch the supernatural video above.

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