Just a few nights ago on Friday, the Phoenix Suns defeated the Denver Nuggets in a game that gave them a 3-0 series lead in the second round of the playoffs. While the game itself wasn't anything special, it immediately went viral thanks to a fight between one Suns fan and two Nuggets fans. The Suns fan ended up winning the 2 V 1 and at the end of the viral clip, he shouted "Suns in 4" at the Nuggets fans. 

This slogan became a rallying cry for the Suns on Sunday night as they looked to officially complete the sweep of the Nuggets. In the end, the Suns did just that as they propelled themselves to the Western Conference Finals, where they will play either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Utah Jazz. Now, with the Conference Finals just days away, Booker is putting out a call for the "Suns in 4" fan, as he wants the mans information.

It remains to be seen what Booker plans on doing with this information although perhaps he is either trying to get the man some tickets or even some merch. After all, this fan is now the unofficial mascot of the entire team, and when it comes to the city of Phoenix, this man is a certified legend.

If the Suns bring him out for a few games, perhaps he will be a good luck charm that can propel them to the NBA Finals.

Devin Booker

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images