The Devil May Cry series launched on PlayStation back in 2001, and it was an instant hit. Capcom delivered the story of demons and angels, and their battle for Earth, in the original game. Devil May Cry 2-4 expanded the universe, and introduced gamers to more playable characters, but at the heart of the series is Dante. Dante is a half demon paranormal monster hunter, and his story has been somewhat sporadic since the first game. Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2 are sequential stories, but DMC 3 is a prequel and DMC 4 takes place between the first two games. A reboot, simply called DMC: Devil May Cry, takes place in an alternate universe and focuses on a very young Dante. 

At the end of Devil May 2, which serves as the last game when the timeline is concerned, Dante becomes trapped in the demon world with no escape. It is never revealed if he has escaped, but it doesn't look like the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5 will answer those questions. The story focuses on Dante and Nero, which means the timeline will most likely place the heroes right after the fourth game, but prior to the events of the second game. The 2018 Gamescom in Cologne, Germany just took place, and 15-minutes of gameplay footage for Devil May Cry 5 debuted at the event. The gameplay was captured on the Xbox One, check it out below.