Detroit has birthed a promising young contender in Tee Grizzley, who signed to 300 at the beginning of the year, after quickly making a name for himself with his riveting single "First Day Out." The inspired storytelling heard on "First Day Out" -- recorded immediately after his release from a three-year prison stint -- was enough to confirm Tee's talent. And his first project on 300, My Moment -- released earlier this month, proved that the 23-year-old newcomer has a well of gripping street stories as well as an unexpected penchant for softer, R&B-leaning records. 

Being one of the more "lyrical" of the potential 2017 Freshmen, the time was right for Tee to make his on-air freestyling debut on HOT 97. While in NYC last week -- as an opener on 21 Savage's "Issa Tour," Tee stopped by Funk Flex's studio to show off his best bars for the city's toughest critic. 

Somewhat unfortunately, Tee delivers his Funk Flex freestyle over his own beat -- his most familiar one, "First Day Out." Though after beginning with the song's usual story, Tee breaks out some entirely new lyrics -- laying down a few new street narratives over the Helluva production. 

Y'all sold on Tee Grizzley yet? Stream My Moment here