Detroit rapper Bandgang Jizzle P, also known as Bandgang AJ, has reportedly been confirmed dead after a shooting in the city.

The rising rapper was reportedly shot and killed on Tuesday evening.

Details are currently very limited but one of his associates, Bandgang Javar, spoke on the situation, tweeting: "I appreciate the love but i dont want sympathy i know what come with the territory, just respect Aj family."

As reported by Vlad TV, there were reports of a homicide on Tuesday night, which killed one man and injured another. It's not clear whether that pertains to Bandgang Jizzle P's killing though.

Some outlets are reporting that his shooting was captured on Instagram Live. That much has also not been confirmed.

We will continue to keep you updated as more news is released regarding the murder of Bandgang Jizzle P. RIP.

This news follows up the tragic death of FXXXXY. The Freebandz rapper, who was signed to Future, passed away following a routine medical procedure last week

With FXXXXY, Bandgang Jizzle P, and other rising rappers recently losing their lives, it continues to be a difficult ride for hip-hop fans, who are seemingly mourning artist after artist. Hopefully, we get a few months without any news of this kind.