Many current and former athletes and coaches have weighed in on the shocking presidential election but few have gone as in-depth as Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy. 

In a passionate six minute denunciation yesterday, Stan Van Gundy blasted President-elect Donald Trump for being an openly and brazenly racist and misogynistic, and questioning what exactly he plans to do now that he's been elected. 

During his speech, Van Gundy also made a point that the mood on his team's bus was completely somber on the way to the arena for practice and it wasn't because they had gotten beat down by the Clippers, but because Donald Trump had been elected President.

Van Gundy added;

“It’s just, we have said -- and my daughters, the three of them -- our society has said, ‘No, we think you should be second-class citizens. We want you to be second-class citizens. And we embrace a guy who is openly misogynistic as our leader.' I don’t know how we get past that."

“Martin Luther King said, 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but bends toward justice.' I would have believed in that for a long time, but not today. … What we have done to minorities … in this election is despicable. I’m having a hard time dealing with it. This isn’t your normal candidate. I don’t know even know if I have political differences with him. I don’t even know what are his politics. I don’t know, other than to build a wall and 'I hate people of color, and women are to be treated as sex objects and as servants to men.' I don’t know how you get past that. I don’t know how you walk into the booth and vote for that."

“I understand problems with the economy. I understand all the problems with Hillary Clinton, I do. But certain things in our country should disqualify you. And the fact that millions and millions of Americans don’t think that racism and sexism disqualifies you to be our leader, in our country ... . We presume to tell other countries about human-rights abuses and everything else. We better never do that again, when our leaders talk to China or anybody else about human-rights abuses."

“We just elected an openly, brazen misogynist leader and we should keep our mouths shut and realize that we need to be learning maybe from the rest of the world, because we don’t got anything to teach anybody."

Listen to his full diatribe below.