Chris Brown may have to hop on Chief Keef's new track, "Fuck Rehab". The singer has had a lot of trouble following his court order to remain in the facility, being asked to leave another center back in November, and just last week being kicked out of his second facility.

As a result, Chris was apparently headed back to jail after leaving rehab, and the reasons he was asked to vacate the premises have now been revealed.

According to TMZ, Chris had was booted after violating 3 rules of the center.

The first was that he stay two feet from any women at all times, a rule that was specifically assigned to him due to the Rihanna incident. Chris apparently broke the rule when he touched the hands and elbows of a woman in the facility.

Later on, Chris allegedly refused a drug test when he returned from an outing. Though he later tested negative, the refusal still stood as a violation of the rules.

The final straw seems to have been some harsh comments he made about the program in a group session.

The source also claims that Chris had a sexual encounter with a woman earlier in his stay, though it apparently did not factor into his dismissal from the program.

Brown will appear in court Monday to attempt to clear thing ups, and avoid more jail time, as he will apparently be spending at least a month locked up as it is.