Detail's been dealing with several legal issues as of late. A few weeks a go, the producer, who's done work with Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and more, was duking it out in court over an alleged assault that happened with Drake's bodyguard, Chubbs. The case was later thrown out after Detail failed to show up to a final status hearing. However, it looks like he has another case to deal with now. The rapper's being accused of rape and sexual assault by two women.

Detail is facing accusations of raping and assaulting two female artists that he was working with, TMZ reports. In the court documents, Kristina Buch claims that he forced her to have sex in front of other people after they finished a recording session in Miami. She claims that he got violent last week while they were at the Malibu Beach Inn and that she suffered bruises on her arms, head, back and legs after he choked, hit and grabbed her by the hair. She also says that he bit her lip during the incident.

His second accuser, Peyton Ackley, says that she considered Detail a mentor. However, she says he later told her that the music industry was all about sex. She says that he walked in her taking a bath and then forced her to have sex in front of another producer. She also says he masterbated while forcing her to take nudes photos and then forced her to video tape him having sexual intercourse with Kristina. She also claims that smashed her head into a wall and dragged her up a set of stairs. 

At this point, the two women have successfully requested restraining orders and Detail is forbidden from in their 100 yard viscinity as well as Kristina's sister.