Desus Nice and The Kid Mero are two of the funniest and most relatable comedians out here. They're basically just two regular dudes from the Bronx that got their own TV show and now, people can't take their eyes off of them. They regularly invite some interesting guests to their late-night showcase, kicking off the season with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This week, they had Anna Kendrick on the show, showing her around their borough and making sure she's living life like a true Bronx native.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The actress met up with Desus & Mero in the Bronx and right off the bat, they took her shopping so that she can get fresh. Leaving her Hollywood garb in the past, Kendrick picked up some Yankees gear, pairing her new outfit with some Timbs. She also learned about the difference between formal Timbs and classic Timbs. Shortly after, the trio hit the strip club for some wholesome fun at 3 in the afternoon. Regular Bronx ish. She also hit the bodega to cop some dutches, which was unfortunately not captured on video. We can only imagine how hilarious her interaction was with the shop clerk though. Before signing off, Anna Kendrick, Desus & Mero and one of their stripper friends played a quick game of cee-lo outside, which the actress had never heard of.

Watch the hilarious video below and be sure to catch new episodes of Desus & Mero on Showtime every Thursday.