Desus & Mero is one of the most popular talk shows in North America right now, featuring often hilarious banter between the eponymous in addition to an increasingly strong lineup of guests. However, the TV duo were recently the target of some shots fired on Twitch from none other than DJ Aakdemiks, a talk show host who's been caught in the crossfire of Joe Budden's sudden exit from Complex's Everyday Struggle. Needless to say, both Desus and Mero didn't take kindly to this new affront.

First off, the pair made clear the difference between their "real life TV show" and the "little Internet" venture that Akademiks was a part of. In fact, they seemed kind of shocked, since there hadn't been any prior beef that they had made public on their Viceland series to this point. "We have not been firing shots at DJ Akademiks," assured Desus. "I dunno, maybe Akademiks feel some kind of way that the actual reason that people watch the show left." Ouch.

While Akademiks claims that both of the talk show hosts have dragged him in the past, Mero clarified that they're clowning on the "dumb s**t" that he supposedly does. "You are not important DJ Akademiks," he continued. "You're named after the little suits from 2003." Ak even (intentionally) mispronounced Desus' name at the beginning of the Twitch portion that is played, which leads to a funny aside as well. Check out the entire clip below.

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