Today, interview series Hot Ones continues its excellent season, bringing Desus and Mero into the fold. The pair are in fine form as they deal with increasing Scovilles and the gentle gaze of Sean Evans, fielding questions and doling out witty critiques in signature fashion. 

Around the seven minute mark, Sean Evans wastes little time in putting the Bodega Boys on the spot, inquiring about their prior line of reasoning that "J. Cole is trash." The topic prompts a maniacal laugh from Mero. "He has dreads now, so he's woke," jokes Mero. "We can't say he's trash." Desus elaborates, stating "we still Bronx scumbags, so I'm not really listening to woke music. I'm listening to music that's probably bringing down black people. I gotta hear a little gunplay, a little misogyny. I need some cocaine raps. So you know, J. Cole is not really my cup of tea."

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images 

Still, that's not to say the dislike runs bone deep. "There's some J. Cole songs I be jamming to," says Desus. "I be like 'who is this?' They be like 'J. Cole," and I be like..." He proceeds to reenact a disappointed, slightly defeated facial expression. "That's aight. Play that new Blueface though!" 

The pair proceed to segue into the sordid tale of 6ix9ine, with Mero predicting the Rainbow Wonder snitching on a global level. "He'd throw his grandma in jail," he says, while Desus offers a similar take. "I think he saw a lot of Law And Order so he thought they'd put him in witness protection...You have a 69 tattooed on your face! Are you going to go to Scotsdale Arizona and start over?"

And the wings haven't even kicked in yet. Be sure to catch the Bodega Boys on Hot Ones below, and look for their return to television later tonight, exclusively on Showtime.