Desus & Mero are back on television with their new show on Showtime. The two Bronx natives aren't on as frequently as they were during their run on Viceland but they're still delivering quality content. This week marked the third episode of their nightly show and they brought through Vince Staples and John Legend as their special guests who delivered hilarious bits with the Bronx duo.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Vince Staples explained to Desus & Mero why there are some rappers who can't be robbed. 

"When you make, like, 'I'm grown, I'll shoot people' music, say you do that and you get robbed or beat up, say you get stripped on camera," he said. "Like, that's crazy to me because you was supposed to shoot [that person]. But if you were walking around like Chance the Rapper and being like a good guy, ain't nobody gonna rob Chance."

He continued to explain why it's like robbing Will Smith. "It's like kidnapping Will Smith," he explained. "N***** gon' kill you. If your homies found out you kidnapped Will Smith, they gon' beat your ass, bro. Because why are you gonna do that to us? We fuck with the genie. Everybody fucks with Will Smith."

Later on, Desus & Mero sat down with John Legend who spoke about his wife Chrissy Teigan, their Twitter habits, his upcoming Rick Ross collaboration, and reaching EGOT status. However, the clip mainly focuses on Desus & Mero collaborating with John Legend in the studio on a song called, "Chocolate Galaxy" inspired by Mero's passion for "Analingus."

Desus, Mero and Legend sit down and compose a track from scratch with Legend on the keys. Peep that below and keep your eyes peeled for Desus & Mero on Showtime next Thursday.