Every day at The Breakfast Club is entertaining with the hosts consistently finding ways to get the best of the culture to divulge information for the public to enjoy. Usually, Charlamagne proves to be the most controversial of the gang but the last 48 hours have shown DJ Envy stepping up and taking the throne. Desus & Mero previously called open season on the radio personality for getting in his "light skin feelings" on their late-night Viceland show, but since Envy got defensive again on Twitter, they let their voices be heard as well. The drama stems from jokes that the comedy duo made about Envy's family, which the Breakfast Club co-host took to heart.

Envy took time out of his day to sub-tweet the pair, writing, "I wish they had the same energy to my face....." Since Envy is not letting the situation go, Desus & Mero both replied to the tweet that was subjectively meant for them. Desus Nice's response was relatively subdued with a simple "Lmaoooo ok b" but The Kid Mero continued to clown Envy with his reply. "LMAO ITS HARD TO TALK TO A N---A FACE TO FACE FROM A DIFFERENT ROOM MY GUY😂😂😂U CREPT OUT THE STUDIO LIKE THERE WAS A SLEEPIN BABY IN THERE U WASNT TRYNA WAKE UP," said Mero.

Both sides continue to go at each other and it looks like neither will leave this behind them. Whose side are you on, DJ Envy or Desus & Mero?