Desiigner has had a huge 2016, and it looks like his momentum will see him riding triumphantly into the new year. According to Def Jam, the Brooklyn rapper has two reasons to celebrate -- the first is his #1 hit "Panda" being certified 4x platinum, and the second is his follow-up single, "Tiimmy Turner," has now achieved gold status. The singles are not yet listed on the RIAA website, but it's clear the label received the first word on the certifications.

Considering most people didn't know who this kid was last year, those are some impressive accomplishments. While the rapper did release a full length mixtape this year, it seems his strength is clearly in the standalone single. We'll have to wait and see if he's got some more hits in store for us in 2017.

Check out Def Jam's tweets below.

Meanwhile, Desiigner responded to the news on Twitter with some well-selected emojis.