Desiigner is best viewed in a broad lens that takes into account not only his recorded music, but also his unintelligible, happy-go-lucky demeanor and social media presence. Sidney "Desiigner" Selby III, 19 is a radical who delights in the simplest pleasure of all -- simply being alive.

Desiigner is a radical preacher of sorts, and social media is his pulpit. We've assembled a collection of 13 brief social media clips for your viewing pleasure. Watch them below.


Desiigner kicks it with Iman Shumpert

Desiigner goes to prom

Desiigner rides in a helicopter

Desiigner speechless after being nominated for a Grammy

Desiigner imitates seal

Desiigner accepts #RunningManChallenge

Desiigner gets lit with Kanye West in the Hamptons

Desiigner raps "Panda" into a megaphone in Brooklyn

Desiigner and Blac Youngsta: a meeting of the minds

Desiigner takes a trip to the aquarium

Desiigner accepts the #MannequinChallenge

Desiigner sings "Tiimmy Turner" for Anna Wintour

Desiigner can actually sing