Desiigner is said to have fallen off and his latest rant might play into the hands of his naysayers. According to a clip he recorded of himself, the rapper is upset about Lil Tay, a prepubescent social media star. He claims the kid refused to give him help for free.

The rapper uploaded a video of his rant along with screenshots of a text conversation he had with Lil Tay. His rant calls out rising stars like herself for failing to help out those who may also help them.

"For all y'all upcoming people, remember, man, the game is like this: one hand wash the other. If you don't help me, I don't help you [...] I know you a little girl, but that's how the game goes. Always help."

The screenshots appear to reflect his request for something that Lil Tay agreed to act upon. Desiigner sent her a few amicable emojis to which she responded plainly, "5000." Her message was a deadpan example of the "business is business" concept.

Desiigner also foreshadowed some new material he is working on. 

"Now watch this sh*t. I'm about to drop some fire sh*t."

He asks his fans to stay tuned with unprecedented eloquence. Commenters pointed to the fact that they could understand every single word of his videos.