He may have broads in Atlanta, but one thing Desiigner does not have is a major label studio album. Fans of the young rapper have been patiently waiting for that to change, but Desiigner's debut The Life Of Desiigner project has been caught in a perpetual release date limbo. Still, there are some who have refused to give up hope, and if all goes according to plan, perhaps the long awaited album will drop before year's end. Until then, there's always his New English mixtape, which dropped last summer. 

Now, Desiigner has rekindled some of that fire, tweeting out what might equate to some semblance of a plan. "After LOD Album I'm Dropping New English 2," writes the rapper, going hard on the fire emojis. While the tweet itself doesn't tell us much, a few inferences can still be made. For one, it's an acknowledgment that The Life Of Desiigner is, in fact, still scheduled to drop. Whether or not GOOD Music makes it happen anytime soon is anybody's guess. Two, it would appear that Desiigner is still feeling creative, in spite of his perceived record label woes. The presence of all those fire emojis probably means that he has some New English 2 music in the bag, and he's clearly excited about that.

It's kind of a shame that Desiigner's album rollout was botched so badly, as the rapper came through with two massive singles and never really had the chance to capitalize on them. Still, we should be hopeful that the man with the most distinct sound effects in the game can rally for a comeback before it's too late.

Here's hoping that we can be bumping The Life Of Desiigner by year's end, but if not, at least we know the rapper is still putting in work on music.