Desiigner Takes A Joyride In The Freewheeling "Tonka"

Mitch Findlay
May 04, 2018 12:54

Desiigner has returned to the fold with a pair of back to back music videos.

Today, Desiigner came through with the drop of his long awaited L.O.D, which arrived as a seven song EP. While the New York rapper's future seemed decidedly detached from Kanye West's involvement, it would appear he still has ample gas in the tank. The exuberant and spirited human soundboard has come through with yet another music video, following the lead single "Price Tag." Now, he's channeling his inner child with the release of "Tonka."

The clip itself is relatively straightforward, and to nobody's surprise, features the extensive use of a truck. Desiigner and his crew indulge in a bit of freewheeling from atop a monster truck, making it rain and spitting bars while tearing the earth to shreds. If you're looking for cutting edge cinematography you will not find it here. You will find, however, an abundance of energy from the "Panda" rapper, and is that not what keeps us coming back? Check out L.O.D. now, as well as our interview with the G.O.O.D. Music rapper below. 

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