Perhaps Desiigner should stick to the white X6. A luxury rental car company is hitting him with a $500,000 lawsuit for allegedly crashing a 2014 Ferrari in June, reports TMZ. The car was not his to drive, as it was apparently rented by two of his friends, who are also named in the suit. Still, the company is sure that it was the "Panda" rapper who wrecked the Rari. The crash took place in New Jersey, according to legal docs. 

The Ferrari in question is valued at $220,000, but the rental company is seeking damages for all the money it has lost out on in the wake of the wreck. The car is reportedly rented out for $1,599 per day. 

Responding to TMZ's report, a representative for Desiigner says, "This is the first that Desiigner or his team have heard about this lawsuit. The minute he has had a chance to consult with his attorney, his managers or his attorney will respond."