Desiigner's viral "Timmy Turner" XXL freshman freestyle was described by some as a "trap spiritual." This characterization makes sense in light of a his new interview with Pusha T for Interview Magazine, in which he reveals that his biggest influence is his grandfather, who was a bluesman.

"If anything, I would consider my grandfather," Desiigner said of his favorite artists. "He's a blues player. I like the old soul—you know how it is, Pusha, that old soul. My grandfather, he went by the name Sidney 'Guitar Crusher' Selby; he formed that old soul, that old blues, that old rock that I put on my songs. He bluesed it out. And my pops, he was old-school, too; he played that old funk. I fell in love with that old style."

Desiigner's given name is Sidney Royel Selby III. He went on to explain how he has always been perceived as having the swagger of a much older man. "People would always be like, 'You always act old!' People thought I was an old dude; it came with my swagger," he said. "I'm a creator; I'm into this music shit. I wanted to build it up and give it to my peers. I was a singer. I used to sing to the girls, 'Happy Birthday' and all that. Did the Temptations. I always knew how to play around with my voice, make people laugh. I'd be crazy. Just my swag I guess. God blessed me."

Read the full interview here.