Desiigner Reveals His Favorite Cartoons, Admits Crush On "Kim Possible"

Desiigner details crush on Kim Possible, respect for Jimmy Neutron, and more.

Desiigner is young at heart. Therefore, it's no surprise his appreciation for cartoons runs deep. We recently chopped it up with the rapper, who gave us a rundown of his favorite animated series, which may very well surprise you. 

Listing off his top five cartoons, Desiigner showcases his love for the classics. Starting off, we've got "Jimmy Neutron" aka the Boy Genius, a true inspiration. He also proceeds to show some love to Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents, who he literally has inked on his skin. The LOD rapper also shows some love to Disney Channel Staple The Proud Family, claiming everyone used to call him Oscar Proud.

"I love Johnny Test too man," says Desiigner, "and Ed, Edd, N Eddy. Heck yeah, man, classic." He also holds it down for Kim Possible, saying "her missions were crazy." He also reflects on his early crushes on Kim and Shego. "They was bad man...I thought they was my girlfriend when I was younger." 

For more cartoon insight from a self-proclaimed expert, be sure to catch our full interview right here. Don't forget to check out that LOD joint while you're at it. 

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