Desiigner is one of the fastest-rising names in hip-hop right now. Since his humble beginnings, scoring some indie cred with his first mixtape releases, the rapper hit it big with his singles "Panda" and "Timmy Turner." Since that breakthrough, he's followed those songs up with more quality work on tracks like "Up" and "Liife," not to mention his collaboration with Kanye West, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and others on "Champions." Now, he's teasing the release of his upcoming LP LOD with a cover art reveal.

Sharing the image on his official Instagram page, Desiigner turns back the clock with the cover art for his new project, settling on a collage of photos from his childhood, showcasing some intimate moments spent with his family. There's no word on when this album will be dropping, nor has there been any specific information on anything like a tracklist, but judging by the comments section in this new social media offering, Desiigner's fans are clamoring to hear what he's got in store next for the hip-hop community.

The rapper tried to reveal something bigger than cover art from LOD not long ago. He teased an unreleased track, presumably also from this upcoming project, in an Instagram video not long ago, however the post has since been taken down. Let's hope that the rest of his new material keep up the trend of strong showings from Desiigner this year, which would solidify his name firmly in the A-list space of rap music.