Desiigner's debut album The Life Of Desiigner is still without a release date, but the Brooklyn rapper hasn't stopped sharing new music in advance of the project. Taking to Instagram Sunday, Desiigner previewed a new track which may or may not be titled "ii APPLE CRAZY," which he included as the caption to the video.

"I apple crazy," he raps on the heavily auto-tuned track, using the SoundCloud-popular "yeah"-punctuated flow. "In my Aston, race me, Goin' fast don't chase me."

Last month, Desiigner revealed what looked to be the cover of his debut album, though the post has since been deleted. He released "Formula" in August, which received attention for its artwork, featuring a photo of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner at a basketball game. The refrain of the track mirrors the picture: "Courtside with a bad bitch." 

The GOOD Music rapper shared some thoughts on his approach to rap in an interview with the Breakfast Club. "This was always my swag," he said. "To me, I think it just evolved until it started getting bigger and bigger and better. I knew I was a harmony god. I came from singing. I always came from knowing harmonies. So just putting it together and making it right."

Desiigner has achieved two platinum and multi-platinum singles in "Tiimmy Turner" and "Panda," the latter of which reached No. 1 on the Hot 100. He's been releasing singles on a regular basis, including tracks like "Malibu," "Arms," and "Liife," which features a guest appearance from the one and only Gucci Mane.

NBA star Iman Shumpert, whose looks have sometimes been compared to Desiigner's, shared a spot-on impression of the energetic rapper on Everyday Struggle. "They say you look like me, I look like you. I don't know, but we both look good," he said, a quote from Desiigner from when they last saw one another.

"LOD ALBUM COMiiNG SOONER THAN YOU THiiNK," he wrote on SoundCloud recently. Could the album arrive before the end of the year?