Migos' rap interpretation of popular children's book "Llama Llama Red Pajama" went viral for good reason. The rhyming story almost demands to be read in a triplet flow, and Migos' natural chemistry and freestyled ad-libbing made it a perfectly spontaneous moment. 

This all happened on The Cruz Show, where it's been something of a running gag. Brooklyn rapper Desiigner, who is also no stranger to the triplet flow, was tasked with rapping the book on his recent appearance, and he managed to bring both an equally entertaining and fairly unique take on the book's words. 

As a solo artist, he had to supply his own ad-libs, but as someone who's known for his unparalleled performance energy, he was up to the challenge. Going in over Big Sean's "Sacrifices" beat, he coupled the high-velocity raps with some of his own lyrics and plenty of arm movement.

After that, he launched into an inspired performance of The Temptations "My Girl." "That just brought back ultra-memories," he said, excitedly. 

So who has the best version of "Llama Llama Red Pajama" so far? Watch the story read by author Anna Dewdney below.