Desiigner is known for his debut single, "Panda" -- currently the No. 1 song in the country, and also for the insane energy with which he performs that song. Last month, he vomited mid-performance and barely missed a bit, and last night, he was typically turnt-up while performing at 1 OAK nightclub in NYC, and in the middle of "Panda," he raged his way into the VIP section, which did not please one VIP: Justin Bieber

TMZ has captured some shoddy footage of the incident, though in the clip, one can see a guy who looks like Bieber (grey shirt) give Desiigner powerful shove. The gossip site reports that Desiigner had apparently stepped on Bieb's toes a few times before the Canadian singer finally had to force him out of the way. Desiigner can be seen looking back and responding to Bieber after getting pushed, and TMZ claims that he tried to yell out something of an apology. 

Desiigner was escorted out of the club after his performance ended, though TMZ maintains that his prompt exit was not due to a complaint from Bieber; rather, he wasn't allowed to be a patron in the club because he's only 19 years old.