Desiigner stopped by Power 105.1 on Monday to grant his first interview with The Breakfast Club. DJ Envy brought up a conversation he had with Phresher, one of Desiigner's oldest collaborators, about the evolution of Desiigner's sound. Desiigner summarily rejected the notion that his sound had changed.

"This was always my swag," he told Envy. "To me, I think it just evolved until it started getting bigger and bigger and better. I knew I was a harmony god. I came from singing. I always came from knowing harmonies. So just putting it together and making it right."

He called himself a "harmony god" later in the interview, when discussing the Future comparisons that have dogged him.

As anyone who has followed Desiigner's career knows, he can really sing, whether it be his "Tiimmy Turner" XXL Freshman freestyle, his cover of The Temptations "My Girl," or casually singing spirituals on the basketball court. He has named his grandfather, Sidney 'Guitar Crusher' Selby, as his greatest influence. It is true: Desiigner's best shot at longevity might be to reinvent himself as some kind of blues revivalist with a trap twist.

Elsewhere in the Breakfast Club interview, Desiigner discusses his "11-label bidding war," being an "ultra-fan" of Travis Scott, and his indifference toward Future comparisons. ("Well, ['Panda'] sold 10 million.") Watch below.