We’ve all been there when you have to pee so bad that the only thing you can do is risk a public urination ticket and find the nearest spot to go, especially when you’re behind the wheel and driving. The gamble reached so severe for Brooklyn rapper Designer yesterday that he had to pull over and pee on someone’s property, and he was caught in the act.

On Wednesday, TMZ posted footage of Desiigner getting caught red-handed peeing on some random resident’s garage door in West Hollywood. After taking care of his business, the GOOD Music rapper hustled back across the street and hopped back in his red BMXi8 whip, although he was sitting shotgun.

Apparently right before Designer had to relieve himself, he was spotted taking pics with some fans in the street and even loading some “Fresh Corn Grill” (the Farmers Market in LA) to-go bags into the car.

While we’ve all been there before and urinating is a normal bodily function, I wouldn't be surprised with how sensitive & money-hungry people are that a lawsuit could be filed in the future from the person’s who’s house is getting pissed on. I guess it’s possible he might’ve known the owner of the home, but public urination is illegal in every state and there’s video proof of him in the act. Of course all is good at the moment and that’s just figuratively speaking, but you know the world we live anything is possible.

The footage surfaces just a couple weeks after Desiigner made headlines for his truth on wanting to kill himself after a rap battle when he was younger. "I'm like 'I don't know if I could do this music shit, man' and this is all I know. Like all I want to do is music," he said, "So I went home man and I said, "fuck that, I'mma kill myself." The second I said that shit, I got scared as hell bro. I got scared because I told myself that... When I told myself that, I'm like "nah I ain't killin' myself.”

Check out the footage of Desiigner peeing on the resident’s garage (below), and look out for new music to be on the way as well.