Deshaun Watson has been on the receiving end of what now seems to be dozens of sexual assault allegations over the last week. Watson is currently at 12 official accusers, but 10 more are currently in the process of being interviewed. Attorney Tony Buzbee says he could have up to 22 women bringing forth allegations of sexual misconduct against him. All of the accusers’ stories are reportedly very similar, with all of the women being massage therapists who were assaulted by Watson while performing their services. Many of the women also noted that Watson contacted them through Instagram first, which they found to be strange since he is a pro athlete with dozens of therapists at his disposal. 

Deshaun Watson
Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Deshaun Watson and his team are adamant that he did not sexually assault any of the women bringing forth allegations against him. Watson claims that the only reason why he contacted massage therapists through Instagram is because his usual therapist had to stop treating him due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so he reached out to friends and teammates for recommendations. 

Watson is adamant that he never crossed a line with any of the women accusing him, calling their attorney “money-hungry” and refusing to give them a payout. Buzbee, however, insists that he has personally vetted all of the accusers and wants Watson to be held accountable. It seems as though both parties are looking forward to their day in court.