Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will be wearing "caution tape" Nike cleats during pregame warmups today to raise awareness about police brutality. Because of the NFL's strict uniform policy, Jackson won't be able to wear these during today's game. 

Last week, NFL officials reportedly told Antonio Brown to remove his blue cleats at halftime and in Week 1 DeAndre Hopkins was slapped with a fine for wearing Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy 350 cleats. However, Jackson will be able to get away with wearing these non conforming cleats during warmups. 

According to #11, this is just the start of his master plan to raise awareness and seek justice for those who have had their lives taken by the police.

"I've seen enough yellow caution tape and it's time for a stand and a change in our community and society." he told TMZ.

"Senseless killings have been ongoing for a while and police brutality in our black community ... and as a young black leader with a stage and platform, I'm starting awareness to help prevent these killings and, hopefully, get justice to these cops who have taken lives of innocent human beings."

"I am also coming up with a master plan to start a movement."

The Redskins play host to the Cleveland Browns today at 1pm.