Derrick Rose has been through a lot during his career, probably more so than anybody else in the NBA. When he first burst onto the scene, people thought he could become an all-time great player. He even won an MVP award while playing for the Chicago Bulls. Unfortunately, things quickly fell apart for Rose as he suffered injury after injury and was never able to get back to his MVP self. This season while playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Rose recorded a 50-point game and had people talking about him in a positive light again. During the offseason, he signed a deal with the Detroit Pistons and now, Rose is looking to make his career in the league steady again.

The former MVP has a ton of tattoos around his body and to commemorate the blessings in his life, he got himself a neck tattoo.

As you can see in the video above, the tattoo goes all the way across the front of his neck and says "God Speed." It's clear that Rose is a spiritual man and wanted to give thanks to God for all of the good things that have come his way over the past year.

Getting a neck tattoo can be a pretty bold move but it looks like Rose will be able to wear it quite nicely.