COVID-19 has been a massive struggle for many of the players in the NBA this season. With the season not taking place in a bubble, players have been forced to make do with the current situation although it has ultimately put them at a heightened risk for catching the virus. Recently, that's exactly what happened to Derrick Rose as he tested positive for COVID-19. In fact, Rose had to miss eight games with the virus, although now, he will be able to come back to the Knicks lineup.

While talking to reporters, Rose revealed that he faced all of the symptoms that are associated with the virus and that it was one of the worst things he has ever dealt with in his life. As you can see by his words, it was a harrowing experience and one that he would not wish on anybody.

“It’s real. The COVID thing, I know a lot of people overlook it but it’s very serious. It’s real… I had the flu. It was nothing like the flu…It was that times-10,” he told The Athletic.

With the vaccine being made available to millions throughout the United States, hopefully, this pandemic will be over sooner rather than later. It's been rough for a wide variety of people, and the sports world has been especially hit hard.

Derrick Rose

Patrick Smith/Getty Images