32-year old Dallas Mavericks guard Deron Williams is far from the All-Star caliber player that he once was and he's now starting to plan on life after hoops, which might include some MMA fighting. 

Williams recently invested in "Fortis MMA," a gym in Dallas, Texas, but he's actually considering getting inside the octagon rather than just being an investor in the sport. 

"I think it would be realistic," he said. My coach "wants me to fight [in the cage]. I don't know about that. I will do some jiu-jitsu grappling tournaments."

Williams is a devoted MMA fanatic who watches every card, and tapes the ones that he misses while he's playing for the Mavs. He has also taken up MMA training which he says helps him prepare for the toll his body takes during the gruelling NBA season.

"I don't miss fights," he said. "Every UFC fight, Fight Pass, if I miss them, I'll record them and watch them later."

"I can control my body better," Williams said. "I can hit the bag, with very little movement and do some light rolling and get a great workout and learn and drill. That's what I love about it. ... My body has taken a pounding from running on the court."

Check out a tour of the gym below which will run members $200 a month.