Thank God Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder signed a rematch clause before the fight because yesterday's heavyweight championship bout ending in a draw left Boxing fans wanting more. Both fighters staked their claim to the scorecards by playing to their strengths. Wider's indomitable left-hand power dropped Tyson Fury on two different occasions, but the English challenger found a way to beat the 8-count each time. 

In doing so, Fury reached the final round with a slight advantage on the scorecards, by posing as the slicker boxer. But in the 12th, Deontay Wilder nearly went the distance, sending Wilder to the canvas for the second in a late push for the win. In the end, the fight was adjudged to be a split decision based on a nullifying 113-113 vote.

ESPN scored the fight 114-122 for Deontay Wilder, who walked away with his tail tucked, and his belt around this waist. "I think with the two knockdowns, I definitely won the fight," Wilder said. "We poured our hearts out tonight. We're both warriors, but with those two drops, I think I won the fight."

Fury thought he won the fight all the same. "That man is a fearsome puncher, and I was able to avoid that. The world knows I won the fight," he stated in his post-fight interview. Both fighters have already verbally consented to a rematch, and are likely to seek a bigger payday the second time around. For participating in last night's draw, Wilder walked away with $4 million to Tyson Fury's $ 3 Million.

How did you score the fight?