Over a year ago, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury stepped into the ring for what was eventually deemed a draw. Many felt as though Fury had the better fight but he was ultimately helped by a slow 10-count after being dropped by the heavy fist of Wilder. Since that match, both Fury and Wilder have gone undefeated and this Saturday, they will be fighting for the WBC Heavyweight Title. Whoever wins is expected to go on and fight Anthony Joshua to unite the Heavyweight division.

Yesterday, Wilder and Fury participated in the customary pre-fight press conference where they each had a nice little faceoff. As you can imagine, both fighters began bickering at one another before Wilder gave Fury a huge shove. Following this little face-to-face, both fighters began dissing each other. Wilder says he is the one that brought Fury into the mainstream and that he should be grateful. Fury echoed the same sentiments except he flipped it on Wilder, who couldn't help but laugh.

These two clearly despise each other and this energy is about to make for a great fight. If you're a boxing fan, Saturday night is about to be a must-watch. With this in mind, let us know in the comments below who you think is going to win, and why.