These last few seasons have not been fun for the Chicago Bulls. Ever since losing Derrick Rose, the team has been unable to gain any sort of momentum and even in 2021, they are struggling to get themselves into the playoffs. The Bulls have a very storied history and fans are not happy about the current direction of the team.

Last night, Bulls fans were heated as they lost to the Miami Heat by just five points. During crunch time, Denzel Valentine dribbled up the court and ended up taking an ill-advised three-point shot that missed the net by an entire zip code. Eventually, the Bulls lost and many saw Valentine's shot selection as the dagger.

Denzel Valentine

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Following the game, Valentine said "I had made 3 in a row before that. It was a bad shot. I just kind of got lost in the game." Despite this response, the Bulls gave Valentine an incredibly hard time as they kept shouting "no" throughout the entire follow-through. After the game, analyst Kendall Gill ripped into Valentine, and it made for quite the forgettable night.

As soon as this shot went viral, fans began to bring up old clips of Valentine fumbling when it matters and now, some fans are hoping he leaves the Bulls alone when free agency comes around.

If you're Valentine, you can't help but want to come back stronger next game, as it will prove to be a good opportunity for redemption.