Denzel Curry's 2018 campaign solidified the Florida pioneer as a tried and true artistic force. The three-act, morally-decaying, conceptual journey TA13OO found the rapper in fine form, expanding on foundations previously set by N64, Imperial, and 17. Many have already counted Denzel's recent album among the year's best, and it's no wonder his subsequent live endeavors saw 37 of 48 dates sold out. A big look for the twenty-three-year-old Floridian, who seems eager to build on his undeniable momentum. In fact, Zel took to Twitter to proclaim his ambitious goals for 2019, which certainly connote big things to come from the ULT mastermind.

One has to wonder if Denzel's promise suggests a TA13OO followup, with the likely answer pointing to yes. After all, can one really take over the world without an album in hand? Unlikely. Therefore, expect to see even more music from Zel in the near future, especially if he's looking to stake his claim as the "best artist of 2019 and beyond." We wish him all the best. If Denzel is dropping on a frequent basis, everybody wins.

Image via HNHH