Have you listened to Ta13oo yet? Framed as a three act descent into madness, Denzel Curry has officially delivered his definitive project to the masses. While the lyrically-dense project provides ample place for replay value, a fact affirmed by the creator himself, it would appear that early impressions seem deeply satisfied on a surface level. With songs like "Black Balloons" and "Sirens" revealing new elements of Denzel's artistry, it seems like the future is looking bright for the young rapper, whom we previously dubbed a leader of his generation

Speaking with Denzel about the project, he opened up about his creative process, revealing a few noteworthy hints in the process. "When the black balloon pop, the first one...you gotta hear the second one, but the second one isn't on the album," explains Denzel. "Don't worry, the second one will come out soon. It will come out." It seems as if Denzel has a sequel to the Goldlink assisted "Black Balloons," and one that seems likely to expand on the first one's prominent themes. "I can't fully explain it until you hear 'Black Balloons 2," furthering the theory that the Ta13oo theory runs deeper.

Clearly, the black balloon motif proved a source of great inspiration for Curry, who made further reference to it on Act Three opener, "The Blackest Balloon." We can only wait and see what he has in store for us, but for now, let's stay focused on the fire he recently dropped off. Shout out to Denzel Curry for this one.