It's no secret that Trippie Redd idolizes the Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, whom he previously dubbed one of the top four artists of all time. Perhaps the connection ultimately led to Trippie's interest in Denzel Curry's TA13OO single, which seemed to put the entire "Instagram generation" under the microscope.

Though one may be able to argue that Trippie has occasionally embodied some of the qualities which "Clout Cobain" seemed to decry. For one, his seemingly on-again off-again beef with frenemy 6ix9ine, which leads to a few less than savoury moments of Instagram theatre. Yet Trippie is a talented artist in his own right, as debut album Life's A Trip has showcased; perhaps fans are willing to overlook a few dubious moments if the music remains consistent. 

Still, the remix appears to be moving full steam ahead, as confirmed during an interview with Yes Julz, in which both parties seemed to indicate a remix was forthcoming. It's interesting to note that Trippie claims Denzel originally wanted him on the existing version, though it's probably for the best that didn't pan out. Denzel held it down as is, and truly got to flex some melodic chops. Still, a remix could be an exciting proposition, especially if Curry lays down some alternate verses. What say you?