When asked about the message of his latest single "Percs," Denzel opens up about his intentions behind the track. "Ain't nothing subliminal on that song," laughs Denzel. "Everything I said on that song was straight up. I wanted everyone who heard that song to know what it is, and how I felt." He continues, explaining that while he wasn't trying to hate, he did want to set himself apart from his inter-generational peers. "I'm not ya'll, ya'll not me. I don't have to do what you guys do to get where I need to get, cause I'm going to get there."

He goes on to give props to a few notable up-and-comers, including Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, and 6ix9ine, before expressing concern that an over-saturation of similar themes may ultimately hurt the game. Eventually, the conversation shifts to Pusha vs. Drake, and Denzel seems to be enjoying the beef as much as the rest of us. 

"They coming with the bars, man," smiles Denzel, who proceeds to rattle off several of his favorite "Duppy" lines (around the 17 minute mark). "Shit hard to me," says Denzel. "I like it. I like Pusha's stuff too. But that's what hip-hop needs. It needs that competition." Granted, the clip was recorded prior to Pusha's "Story Of Adidon," so we have yet to hear the Aquarius Killa sound off on that.

For more from Denzel, peep the entire interview below.