Denzel Curry has come a long way. Since rising to prominence with Nostalgia 64 bangers like "Threatz" & "Parents," Denzel has emerged as one of the game's most exciting young artists. Case in point, the excellent TA13OOwhich found Curry flexing his artistic prowess across three well structured acts. 

In the wake of his release, Denzel sat down with Mass Appeal for an extended conversation, ranging from music, to influence, to XXXTentacion and more. First, Denzel sets an immediate tone, establishing himself from his contemporaries over one simple fact. "What everybody else was talking about I couldn't relate cause honestly I was a dork," says Denzel. "Fuck yeah I was a fuckin' dork, n***a, I'm a fuckin' dork now, B! I just ain't going to take no shit from nobody." 

He proceeds to examine the notion that he "always yells," expressing frustration about being put in a box. Luckily for everyone involved, Denzel channelled his frustrations, using them as motivation to evolve. Citing the "Clout Cobain" video as a major catalyst in turning heads, Denzel seemed happy to offend the masses with his scathing perception on clout-chasers. 

Eventually, the conversation shifts to XXXTentacion, as Denzel details one of his last conversations with his late friend; it gets particularly emotional, given the complex nature of their relationship. It's a powerful moment of honesty, and a deeper insight into the dynamic of two of Florida's defining young voices. "We basically don't understand each other, yet we're so much alike," says Denzel. "We went to understand who we both were. Even when it came down to the darkest shit that he can tell me in his life, and I tell him the darkest shit to happen in my life."

Peep the whole interview below, especially if you're interesting in Denzel Curry's perspective.