Denzel Curry has been killing 2018 with everything he does. The rapper's long-awaited album TA13OO finally arrived this summer and didn't disappoint by any means. Since then, he's embarked on a tour to support the project and released new videos off of it. Today, he links up with Link Up TV for an incredible freestyle for their "Behind Barz" series.

Denzel Curry is the latest American rapper to touch U.K. turf for their "Behind Barz" series. The rapper hopped on Kodak Black's "ZEZE" beat for his effort and completely bodied it head to toe. The rapper makes it clear that he shouldn't be compared to any other rapper in the game at the top of the verse. "First off, every rapper in the game garbage," he says off the bat. While it's considered a freestyle, Curry does add his own hook to it. "Pull up on a n***a on God/ N***a never had to do fraud/ Catch a n***a lie with the squad/ On that C shit, On that C shit," he raps.

As Denzel Curry continues to push TA13OO, he's already plotting on his next move. He previously revealed that he's already started working on his next project. However, he did reveal that a dubstep album is coming and a new collaboration with the legendary Willie Nelson. It's unsure when he plans on releasing either, but we're looking forward to hearing how it turns out.