Denzel Curry has been having quite the year. Aside from shaping up his own variation of The Chronic with Zuu, and turning in his late-night television debut on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show, Zel has spent the last few months on tour with global superstar Billie Eilish. Now, with his sprained ankle on the mend, Zel has seized the opportunity to reinvent himself accordingly. Taking to Instagram to reveal his new look, Denzel has officially parted ways with his signature dreads, opting for a fade instead.

Given that Denzel's dreads were such an iconic part of his look, the change genuinely feels like the dawn of a new era. His fans agree, reacting to Zel's new cut with optimism for whatever the future might have in store. And in case you were wondering, Denzel blessed the stage for the first time post-fade, hitting Fallon with a back-to-back medley of "Ricky" and Zuu highlight "Wish."

Congrats to Denzel for hitting a new milestone in his career. On that note, check out his turn on Fallon below, especially if you're curious to see his new look in action. Is Zuu still on your Album Of The Year radar?