In what resembles a Gothic, carnival-esque nightmare, Denzel Curry's latest trailer for "Welcome To The Clout Circus" evokes imagery from the films of Rob Zombie and Tim Burton. Beneath a droning, pipe-organ fugue, footage of a sinister ringmaster gives way to a sea of zoned out, tattooed fans. This isn't the first look we've had at Denzel's "Clout Circus," as the rapper has previously teased a poster for the unknown project. Having now received a closer look, it's still unclear what "Welcome To The Clout Circus" actually is. In spite of that, it certainly looks intriguing, bringing longtime Denzel fans reminders of N64's thematic darkness.

As far as we know, Denzel's album is still going by Taboo, leading us to believe that "Welcome To The Clout Circus" is actually an upcoming single, complete with video. It's clear from previous drop "Percs" that Denzel has a few bones to pick with the Instagram generation, and given the title, it seems likely that he will continue to explore similar themes. Hopefully the song will pick up where the trailer's soundtrack leaves off, with plenty of nightmarish instrumentation; it's been a minute since we got a horror-inspired dark banger from a rapper as talented as Denzel.

Though we have yet to have any idea when this circus is set to come to town, the increased flurry of promotion seems to signify an imminent drop. Better keep watch. Something wicked this way comes.