One of the artists we're most looking forward to hearing from in 2019 is Denzel Curry. He came through with a solid effort in TA13OO and has been teasing some new music on his social platforms. Denzel is one of the most talented and creative individuals to have emerged from out of Florida and now, he may be looking to dive into a brand new landscape.

We wouldn't be surprised if the rapper is just trolling with a statement like this one but it seems as though Denzel Curry is looking to move into the EDM world. The young artist tweeted today that he plans on releasing a dubstep album and a collaboration with a country legend. "DUBSTEP ALBUM AND COLLAB WITH WILLIE NELSON COMING SOON," wrote Zeltron. He also chimed in on the entire "King of R&B" debate, assuring everybody that he's actually the king of "ALL GENRES." No lack of confidence in the "Clout Cobain" rapper.

For weeks, Denzel has been teasing a big year, warning his fans that they better get ready for 2019. We're looking forward to seeing what he has in store. Hopefully, there's more than just a dubstep album and a Willie Nelson collab but something tells us that even those would sound pretty cool.