Denzel Curry has announced European and U.S. tour dates in support of his new project TA13OO, pronounced "taboo." The North American leg will begin shortly after its release on July 25-27 (in three different acts), in August at the Afropunk in Brooklyn. From there Denzel will take his talents to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland then Seattle before crossing border inspection into Canada. Denzel will then fly out to Salt Lake City before zipping back to Detroit and making one last stop in Canada by way of Toronto-Montreal. It's safe to say, Denzel covers all cardinal directions between stopovers.

The European leg of his tour commences after a month's pause in November. Curry will make the majority of his appearances out "East" on festival grounds. Curry has none-the-less committed to a few club gigs, namely his first stop in the Ukraine at Atlas. Before it's all said and done, Denzel will have visited 12 different European Countries before returning just in time for the Xmas season. In the buildup of his TA13OO release Curry has shared images of a washed-up clown down on his luck, as well as his lead single titled Clout Cobain, all to further the conversation on mental health, a theme Denzel Curry's camp has promised to explore on TA13OO.