Denzel Curry Offer Trippy Visual For "Black Balloons" Ft. Twelve'len & GoldLink

Erika Marie
March 27, 2019 03:09

The artist taps into the dangers of the industry.

Continuing his support of his third studio album Ta13oo, Denzel Curry dropped the visual for his single "Black Balloons" (also stylized as "13lack 13allons") featuring Twelve'len and GoldLink. The Zen Deans-directed video is one in a series of eye-catching visuals that create a storyline through Curry's music. It seems to be a nod to the influences and oftentimes empty promises that the entertainment industry has to offer as scenes show the signing of a contract, a party with beautiful, yet carbon-copied, guests, and the offering of all the drugs one could ask for. 

The 24-year-old artist is getting the shine that he deserves, but it's not difficult to notice that his sound stands out from the current mainstream crowd. "I’m not carrying no torch," Curry told Billboard. "I’m just saying that I want to make the best s**t possible, and I’m gonna do it regardless of who’s in my way. And I’m not gonna be important just to hip hop. I’m gonna be important to all genres of music. I’ve proved with TA13OO that I’m versatile as hell. Now it’s just self-mastery. I’m in a self-mastery stage of my life right now."

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