Denzel Curry is one of the game's most consistent right now. Coming off the stellar TA13OO, Denzel has continued to build on his momentum, paying homage to a rap-rock staple. Seeing as he's no stranger to the mosh-pit, Denzel's decision to pay homage to Rage Against The Machine is unsurprising. It's no surprise that Curry considers himself a fan, given his own penchant for brash delivery and heavy-hitting flows. Now, the rapper has rolled through triple j's Like A Version for a live rendition of Rage Against The Machine's "Bulls On Parade." 

Even those way of rap-rock should take note of this one. Denzel fully commits to the cause, delivering a stunning rendition of De La Rocha's vocals. When the screaming kicks in, Denzel performs ably enough to convince the skeptics. It wouldn't be surprising to see a new demographic tuning into Curry's artistry after this one, as well they should. He even holds it down during the instrumental break, proving his energy is second to none. In another life, perhaps he might have fronted the next System Of A Down, who knows? Check out the excellent cover now, and sound off. How did Denzel Curry fare on this one? 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images