Anybody who has listened to Denzel Curry knows that the Floridian rapper is one of the most creative young artists in the game. The man has a wealth of alter egos, including, but not exclusive to Raven Miyagi, Denzel, Zeltron Six Billion, and Denny Cascade. As Denzel tells it, each persona is meant to represent one side of his personality, and when he finally drops his long awaited Taboo, the alter-egos are poised to form like Voltron. And while Denzel's new project (which he has been crafting for some time now) is looking like it's heading for a 2018 release, it appears the rapper will have plenty of other creative outlets to explore in the interim. 

When we interviewed Denzel Curry this summer, he revealed his passion for drawing. Now, he has revealed that his love of drawing will be transcending hobby status, as Denzel intends on creating his own comic book series.  In an interview with MTV News, Denzel talks a little about his "comic book shit," talking a little bit about his upcoming project. "I create characters based around people that I know and people in my life. Just pretty much how Aaron McGruder [creator of The Boondocks] does stuff. How he based Huey and Riley off of his life."

When asked if he's going to release the comic book, Denzel assures us that he will, when it's finished of course. "I just want to have the details right and have somebody writing for the dialogue and stuff. I drew all the stuff and I know what my characters look like. So they don't really have to draw it themselves. I just give them what I drew and they make better versions, because there are other artists that are pretty good in that field—way better than me."

He goes on to announce that the comic book, titled Black Metal Terrorist, and teases the basic premise: "there are two main characters. One gets fucked up and tossed into the sea, then they rebuild him and he becomes the ultimate half human half cyborg shit. And the other one was born half human and half cyborg."

So for all you fellow Denzel fans, stay patient. 2018 may very well be Curry season.