Fresh off the release of his 13 EP, Denzel Curry hit up Sway for an interview. The respect is flowing from the jump, and Denzel personifies the "real recognize real" idiom by shouting out The Underachievers. "They took me on my first tour ever," says Denzel, leading us to collectively wish a new collaboration into existence. 

Denzel also talks about his philosophy of live music, throwing shade at rappers who use backing tracks. "I don't need to like do a goddamn Soundcloud track and have my lyrics in the back. I don't do that shit," says Denzel, prompting a round of applause from Sway. "Bro, just have the instrumental at least, you feel me? Cause I wanna hear you! If I wanted to hear the track, nigga, I coulda stayed in my car."

Denzel goes on to talk about sobriety, and fields a call from a mosh-pit loving fifty-year old fan. It's a great watch for fans of Curry, while we patiently wait for Taboo.